Terms and Conditions

1. Quotes are valid for 30 days from the date of the quotation;
2. Once the quote is accepted, it will be deemed to be a Sale and an invoice will be raised. The standard conditions of sale as agreed between the parties and governed by and construed and interrupted in accordance with the law of the Republic of South Africa will be applicable;
3. Payment terms are detailed on the quotation and manufacture of the products will only commence once the deposit indicated on the quotation is received;
4. Timing - we generally estimate 3 weeks to complete the manufacture of the product although this could vary significantly depending on the complexity and the volumes / quantities of the order;
5. Colour -due to the nature of the product and the variations of the sand, consistency of the natural stone colour cannot be guaranteed. Colour samples must be used as a indicator of colour and texture only
6. Sealants - unless specifically stated, the cost of the sealant nor its application are not included in the quote unless specifically stated. If required please advise and it will be added to the invoice;
7. Delivery - a standard delivery charge of 15% is applied for the delivery of goods within Gauteng. Because of the weight, items will be delivered to where they will be placed. However Vasco Henriques reserves the right to charge additional placing fees if this delivery and placing activity is more complex and time consuming then originally envisaged. We do not accept any responsibility for any damage or injury that may occur to property or persons if our truck is required to leave the public road and enter the premises. Delivery outside Gauteng will be quoted on depending on the distance;
9. Fountain installations - Vasco Henriques is only permitted to connect the fountain pump to a plug which must be within 2 meters from the fountain. We are not permitted by law to connect the pump into your electrical system; this has to be done by a qualified electrician and should be arranged by the customer prior to installation;
10. Fountain installations - Waterproofing, being a standard part of the installation must be left to stand at least 3 days before they are filled with water to allow the waterproofing to cure;
11. Fireplace surround installations - although utmost care is taken during an installation, Vasco Henriques is not responsible for the painting of the surrounding wall subsequent to the installation. Subject to having the correct paint and colour, we can assist with touch ups and assist where we can, but do not accept responsibility for the rehabilitation and painting of the wall. This especially includes when existing surrounds are removed;
12. Fireplace surrounds installations - filler pieces - subsequent to the installation of the surround, filler pieces may be deemed to be needed to complete the installation and these will be separately quoted on;